Beta Club Community Spotlight: Yana Binaev

  • Sophie Howe
  • Yana-Frida Binaev
Yana Binaev is a passionate Documentary Photographer, who creates visually striking images with an eye for capturing people and culture. Her now twice exhibited project, ‘My Eyes See Diversity’ was born as a result of a lifelong will to express the love and passion for boldness, colours, self-expression and the lack of fear in people to stand out.

“I’m motivated to drive people to open their eyes and minds towards a wider perspective of love and equality - towards a more open-minded, inclusive society. With the help of artistic storytelling through photography, I hope that people can become less judgmental to those who stand out.”

‘My Eyes See Diversity’ tells the stories of many people of our day to day. From the ongoing search of oneself in a multicultural society to the human need of being accepted. With a keen mind and sharp eye, Yana creates vivid imagery, reflecting society in its fullest colours. Her ambition is out there, reflected in every portrait and we are looking forward to seeing more.
Yana is a valued member of The Dots Beta Club - helping to shape the future of The Dots and share feedback on new features.
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