BetStars 'Game Changer'

  • Chris Curtis

Genius moments from football history

This is my launch film 'Gamechanger' for BetStars TVC campaign which I directed along with 8 more call to action 30" commercials.

The film takes you a journey through football history and the game changers that make us love the game. Using a combination of live action and typography to bring the story to life.

Focusing on those moments of mind boggling genius that change everything. Like the Rabona, not only a stunning kick that’s complicated and looks incredible (where the player uses his strongest foot to kick the ball from behind the other leg). But that the first one was done from 38 yards out, straight into the back of the net! Imagine what the goalie, and the rest of the stadium, must’ve thought! Or the Panenka penalty, which takes a ton of skill, nerves of steel (and a massive ego helps).

It was crucial that every game changer sequence I shot had to feel of it’s period - while at the same time contemporary, so not siding with the obvious Pathe look just because a sequence was, for instance, relating to 1948. This in turn was a really big ask for the wardrobe and art dept, creating over a dozen different strips, each one correct to the team and period. It took a huge amount of effort, but it was well worth it!