Better Everyday Takeaway

  • Nick Stanhope
Tackling childhood obesity
Making affordable, delicious and healthier takeaways a possibility for young families on a budget
The Challenge
The boom in online ordering and delivery is making it even easier and more convenient for families to consume unhealthy takeaway food. The UK takeaway market alone has grown by 34% in the last 5 years and ‘everyday takeaway’ has become the new normal with families ordering 3+ times a week. But the nutritional profiles of takeaways continue to reflect their traditional use – as an occasional treat. The average takeaway meal contains 68% of the recommended daily calorie intake, so the new occurrence of ‘everyday’ consumption can lead to negative health effects.
How might we populate the online market with ‘everyday’ takeaway that’s just as convenient and affordable, but better for you?
The Solution
Family Feeds is an alternative, online-only, takeaway service that delivers proper family meals that are delicious, good for you and loved by kids.
So Far…
  • 7+ years making fast food healthier
  • Ethnography with 44 families to understand the role takeaway plays in their lives
  • Co-design with partners, parents and creatives to develop and refine the family feeds proposition
  • Online tests with 129,066 parents to validate the proposition
  • 11 week full service prototype in Birmingham to test for market demand
Shift have got under the skin of the challenge in terms of understanding the nutrition of takeaways meals, the role this food plays in people’s lives, the nature of the businesses involved and how their owners relate to them. They are crystal clear on what we can (and can’t) hope to influence and what we have to work with in order to effect change.
Adrian Phillips, Director of Public Health, Birmingham City Council