beyond tellerrand // MUNICH 2018

  • Marc Thiele

Something new is cooking for you. On January 15–17, 2018, we invite you to a creative kick-off into 2018.

Join us for two or three exciting days in Munich with talks about web, design and creativity. Jump straight into the ticket portal below, or read on for more information & to see the amazing speaker line up. It's not one to be missed if you are in the industry.
-Ticket Portal - Click Here-
The idea of meeting people was always one of the main reasons for running beyond tellerrand. But obviously without the speakers of such an event, a massive part would be missing.
The speakers are the core of such an event, their talks and topics are what drives the conversations in the breaks and after the event. Also for Munich, we gave our very best to find exciting, interesting and diverse topics for you. Make sure you check their blogs and websites for their interesting and amazing work.
Münchner Künstlerhaus - built as a meeting place for artists and society alike and is still living proof of the style and society model of its time of origin. Lenbachplatz 8, 80333 München.
Workshop Space TBA.
Coverage and material, like all videos on Vimeo and YouTube are online. More to come. Also first transcriptions of the talks are liver now. Check the event archive at
For accessibility matters – but not only – we get all videos of the talks transcribed by Tina Pham. Now all transcriptions for Munich are done and you can find them next to all other coverage in the archive of the Munich event.