• Baiqu Gonkar
The first UK solo show of Afghani artist Malina Suliman titled Beyond The Veil – A Decontextualisation.  
Bringing together, sound, video and substituting the graffiti wall for a burqa, Suliman’s decontextualisation of this highly charged item of clothing reminds us of how context can shift meaning.
From the banal to the poignant, the space is filled with the hopes and wishes of Afghans alongside a collection of international voices captured by the artist. A selection of these can be seen in Persian calligraphy on the burqas, now stripped back to their basic form as a piece of material. These are accompanied by two juxtaposing video pieces featuring burqa-clad women filmed discretely walking through the streets of Kabul and Amsterdam. In the former the item of clothing, enforced by the Taliban, is commonplace; in the latter, where a partial ban was very recently passed, the women are heavily scrutinised by passers by.
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