Bike feels…

  • Eddie Stuart

A collection of typographic responses investigating the wide ranging experiences, encounters and adventures to be had on two wheels.

Largly focusing on the freedoms associated with cycling, this three-part, multi-disciplinary series, challenges notions of cycling through typographic forms.
Embarking on an adventure and fully immersing myself within the subculture, my bicycle became my main method of transport. I joined charity rides, cycling festivals, visited hotspots and cycling cafés. Engaging with the environmentally conscious and daily bicycle commutes, through to fearless off-roaders and bike messengers; tracking every move made and it’s data along the way.
Diary of a Cyclist (part one) presents a visual reference of my encounters and the data collected – distance, duration, energy, speed and ascent. Diary entries are revealed in ascending order of average speed, creating what seems a random appearance of the next record. My dairy fills, my memories become clouded and overlap as reflected in the short film.
Inspired by the dynamics of the cosmopolitan civic, City Pace (part two) explores abstract perceptions that capture the energetic and vibrant characteristics of urban riding. Successfully navigating the metropolitan bustle demands sharp attention, clear direction and enduring pedal power. The short motion references this in its pace and typographic cues around the eyes and legs.
Yo, do you ride? (part three) captures motions of cycling in static typography. The smooth process of applying acrylic paint to acetate paper using my finger as the tool of application conceptualises the satisfactions of uninterrupted rolling along a levelled plane of tarmac.