Birds Eye Ahoy! By Captain Birds Eye

  • Riccardo Acerbi

Cutting through the Christmas clutter to get Birds Eye noticed...

We harnessed the British public’s soft spot for the icon that is Captain Birds Eye, capturing the imagination of media and influencers by putting him at the heart of our campaign.

Launching his first ever signature scent, Ahoy! for men – inspired by the evocative power of the high seas and fresh ocean breeze, we created a frenzy by producing just 50 limited edition bottles for consumers to get their mitts on.
Editorial headlines across major print, online, broadcast and social media.

Results included a 2 mins. heavily branded slot on BBC’s  ‘Have I Got News For You’, The Independent, Sun, Mirror, Star, Metro, The Scotsman, Radio X, Absolut Radio, BBC Breakfast, The Grocer and The Drum – driving traffic to Birds Eye’s Facebook page. Top 2019 stunts (The Grocer); ‘One we like’ Campaign Magazine.

"Pushing boundaries, being disruptive, making us feel uncomfortable and generating a phenomenal amount of debate and social chatter that continue to build our brand - Cirkle has 100% delivered on a transformative approach that has made us fall in love with PR again."

- Steve Challouma, General Manager, Birds Eye

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