'Birds of Paradise EP' Letterpress Print

  • Alexander Horne

'Birds of Paradise' is a personal work, touching on themes of major life changes, family, and the nostalgia the Colombian music producer Blanali feels for his home country. Secure in his oasis in the heart of the noisy Barcelona barrio he resides in (Raval), Blanali recorded the tracks using the ambient sounds of the world around him. While the music is electronic and subtle in its intricacies, the warm rhythmical pulse of the producer’ roots are a dominant groove throughout the EP. These were the foundations for the artwork. A striking modernist interpretation of the 'Birds of Paradise' plant (native to Africa but which can be found in Colombia and Barcelona, where Blanali is from and lives) produced at Letterpress Amsterdam brings the vibrancy and warmth to the forefront, leaving little for anything else.