Bishop Briggs - Baby

  • Viki Bebők
  • Bianca Beneduci Assad

We produced a music video for popular US singer songwriter Bishop Briggs. The video features Bishop and her boyfriend in a trippy love story, exploring the obsessions and passions that help to define their relationship.

Malia James, (ordinarily a live action director) called on Seed to produce the animated promo alongside illustrator Anja Slibar. Neil Kidney and Morgan Powell from Seed animation directed, focusing on realistic performances from the main characters.
During production Bishop was touring so there was no direct reference for her singing the song. The animators at Seed had to rely on YouTube videos to grasp her character traits, including lip movement, personality and style.
Morgan Powell, animation director says:
“Seed is well known for being able to shift its creative hand to produce all types of animation but this project has been our first real test of working in illustrative 2D on such a scale. The opportunity has further widened our artistic reach, and we are really looking forward to building on that in the future.”