Black British Girlhood @ The centre for better mental health

  • Olivia Mathurin-Essandoh MA RCA
  • Kariima Ali
BBG is a collectived formed by myself, Bekke Popoola and Kariima Ali. Together we have held two successful group exhibitions, facilitated a number of workshops across the UK and given multiple panel talks.
Black British Girlhood was born out of a need to carve out a space for Black women and the multitude of ways in which we express ourselves, allowing people to engage with our work and what we produce on our own terms in ways that don’t necessarily reproduce mainstream representations of Black Womanhood.
Quite simply Black British Girlhood (BBG for short) is a collective whose purpose is to celebrate growing up Black in Britain while at the same time affirming and archiving our own narratives.
Below are a selection of images from our first group exhibition in 2015 which was on for 10 days due to popular demand and attracted 680 visitors to see the work of 12 Black British emerging artists.