Black Ink Projects - Humanrace Body Bars

  • Haden Gaynor

Humanrace have crafted these soap-free Body Bars adding to the already award winning product range. Black Ink Projects were asked to design, engineer & build this seeding experience in a tactile, sustainable, simple & conversational way. The Body Bars themselves were forged with simple steps, effective ingredients & clean formulation. We applied the same methodology when creating this seeding set. obsession with mono material design & fabrication enables us to activate a ‘first principles thinking’ approach and create more with less for Humanrace - We’re slowly developing a print process like no other. Here’s how’s to respect a humble material - cardboard Body Bars are a soap-free formulation that does all the work soap does, without stripping your skin if it’s natural oils. Implementing the Reenergising Whiteclay Body Bar with the Energy Channeling Charcoal Body Bar on a daily basis should gentry cleanse, exfoliate & balance your skin. Instagram: @Blackinkprojects Email: