Blooming Founders

  • Lu Li

Founded in 2015, Blooming Founders is a platform designed to help early stage female entrepreneurs and diverse teams succeed.​

With our products and services, we want to break down the barriers that hold female founders back and enable them to build the business they desire.We do this by helping them to expand their network, by providing helpful business education, by facilitating access to investors and many things more. 
We welcome people of all genders to be part of our community.
We have a vision of the world where everyone is equally empowered and enabled to turn their ideas into reality and build a profitable business, whatever their gender, age, race or societal background.
We are on a mission to create a more inclusive and diverse startup ecosystem and foster innovation.
Hi there!
My name is Lu Li, the founder of the Blooming Founders. I'm so glad that you've found us!
A lot of people ask me why and how I started Blooming Founders, so I wanted to write a couple of paragraphs to share my story. ​
Once upon a time, I was living my life trying to achieve what other people expected from me, ticking a lot of boxes. I graduated from business school with distinction and my CV read like a list of "Most Desirable Companies To Work For". My parents were proud, but I was (kind of) not. 
I felt I could do better, be more creative and I didn't want to leave my career in the hands of corporate politics. Consequently, I quit my job and started my own business. Little did I know what I was doing.
I was in Germany at the time and there was no startup ecosystem around me. No events to go to or people to meet and learn from. You just had to take the leap (and google a lot to find your way). 
It took me two ventures and three years to find something that I found meaningful and impactful enough to build and grow as a business.
In hindsight, I could have done a lot of things differently. I definitely wasted a lot time and money.
But then again, this was the only way that led me to start building Blooming Founders in 2015, because that's how I learnt first-hand about the gaps and opportunities in the ecosystem.
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