BMW Tate Live Exhibition: Anne Imhof: Sex

  • Rudi Minto de Wijs

A new large-scale commission by Anne Imhof. The dynamic installation combines structural interventions, painting, sound and lighting, unfolding over ten days with six nights of durational performance. Following Faust (2017), Imhof’s intense and engaging work which was awarded the prestigious Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale, Sex is the first project by a solo artist to occupy the full suite of spaces in Tate Modern’s atmospheric Tanks. This is the third annual BMW Tate Live Exhibition, part of Tate Modern’s ongoing performance programme in partnership with BMW. The commission was both an exhibition by day and a series of six live performances by night. Titled Sex, the work deals with fluidity between binaries – female and male, top and bottom, night and day – and the blurred line where two opposing zones meet. Structural interventions splice through each of the grand spaces. In the South Tank, visitors walked into the space on a raised platform, a scenario mirrored in the East Tank where the hierarchy of viewing is reversed and visitors are situated on the ground beneath a pier. The adjacent Transformer galleries display a collection of Imhof’s Gradient and Scratch paintings. My work on this included working on the design, OOH Marketing and digital marketing as well as press invites and exhibition trailer.