BodyViva Branding

  • Hannah Headrick
A client wanted to start up a new holistic physiotherapy business, called BodyViva. I developed the logo, brand identity, and website, and directed the design of various collateral using vibrant colours balanced with white space in order to create a sense of energy and weightlessness.
The brand purpose of BodyViva is to help people ‘live life free’ by freeing them of their physical ailments through a holistic approach to health. I designed the logo mark based on the idea of having a fluid range of movement. I took blue and green - two colours that are almost exclusively used in health-related fields - and increased the vibrancy to give it a sense of life while still visually fitting into the health and wellbeing field. To personify the holistic nature of the business I developed a set of complementary colours for the different services, suggesting that each service is unique and yet part of a lively, nourishing whole. In comparison to their competitors, who look very clinical, BodyViva looks vibrant, young, and healthy, making them stand out.​​​​​​​


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