Bohemia Jihlava - Incorporating a modern experience into one of the oldest crystal makers in the world

  • Matija Vujovic

Industry Manufacture, Design Market Czech Republic The original makers from the Czech Republic. Bohemia Jihlava has been setting global crystal trends since 1845. Our goal was to create new branding for a digital environment. Then to implement these brand standards to a new image website presentation of a modern brand. We needed to incorporate a blend of both worlds – to keep the brand’s elegant long-standing visual history, while also wrapping it in a sharp modern touch...

Makin’ a statement, in frames. We’ve gone in and crafted a strong visual identity and Brand Design System. The black-and-white color scheme and avant-garde design elements really set this brand apart from all others. By keeping the shape of their original logo, we incorporated its frame into every digital asset – to showcase crystal materials and strengthen Bohemia Jihlava’s brand identity.