• Jon Gibson-Skinner

Every year Boodles produce a showcase brochure of their wonderful jewellery. I've been privileged to work on a few .. There's about 75 hero shots and 150 cutouts in each brochure - These were shot by the maestro Richard Foster at his London studios.. There were 2 setups on two floors shooting simultaneously .. for work like this we have to focus stack and shoot through the jewellery - which means for every final image I could have to deal with up to 50 separate images. There's lot of data flying around that I have to manage. Once we're happy with the retouching we produce GMG proofs - and then after that we go to wet proof that we run through with the top brass before we go to final print. it's highly critical work but, as always, highly rewarding knowing you've put your absolute best in... and delivered on time and on budget.