Book design: "Falling Off The Ladder"

  • Hannah Beatrice Owens

Book design and spot illustrations for Falling Off The Ladder by Helen Hill. Helen is a self-publishing author whose first book is about leaving corporate employment to go freelance. She wanted the book design to reflect the joy and freedom she's found in self-employment with colour, illustration and lots of extra design elements to make each page different and engaging. The aim was for it to feel lighthearted and help bring the subject matter alive. With different page layouts for quotes, chapter openings and exercises, I worked to keep the consistency through strong typographic styles, and navigation devices like the running header down the page edge.

"Hannah did a marvellous job of continuing the theme from the book cover I had already had designed, but also managed to put her individual stamp on it too. I have been so thrilled with the end result, which looks professional but also reflects me and my tone of voice. The response from readers has been incredible."
I used the cover that Helen had already had designed as the starting point for the illustration style, typography and colour palette but expanded and developed these to work throughout the book.