• Ness Gagnon

BookBoop is a merchandise line for Penguin Random House that combines customization with communication. Created for like-minded individuals looking to feel connected to a wider community, BookBoop introduces an incentive for book lovers to talk to new people by creating social channels centered around book recommendations. The Penguin logo comes as a soft silicone keychain, as well as on pens and phonecases that are fully customizable using art from the covers of classic Penguin books. Using near field communication technology, the penguin’s belly will light up when another BookBoop penguin is within a certain distance, encouraging the user to seek out others and spark conversation over books. ‘Booping’ the penguin bellies together will trigger an alert to the BookBoop app on the users’ smartphones, inviting them to see each other’s book recommendations and offer the chance to ‘friend’ each other.