Toxic masculinity is a concept that is very present nowadays and in academic debates. It is a term that closely relates masculinity to violence, sex, status, and aggression. In short is the cultural ideal of masculinity, where strength is everything, while emotions are a weakness. But what is known today is that these attributes are harmful not only to women but also to men and to society. For example, suppression of feelings, encouragement of violence, lack of incentive to seek help, perpetuation of rape culture, homophobia, misogyny, racism and machismo. That is why it is important to open new dialogues on this topic. And Fashion becomes a great tool. Written and Directed by Manuel Nogueira Project created by CUBOCC for C&A | July 2017 Produced by Conspiração Starring Marcos Noivais and André Gonçalves Director of Photography: Fernando Bertoluci Executive Producers: Patrick Petry and Luciana Mattar Music Production Company: Handquarters Soundtrack: Tin Sound Design: Horse and Kluste Original Music: Depth Change, by Ame Ame Color Grading: Marla

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