'Born Fruit' written and directed by Bukky Bakray

Director/Writer @bukkybakray9 Casting/Creative Director @preshgrehamj Director of Photography @kaiblamey_ Composer @lonermuaka Stylist @zadriansmith @zadrianandsarah Make-up Artist @mata_marielle Make-up assistant @isilodge Hair Stylist @everydayhairdress Manicurist @iramshelton Producers @wardarosee @angie.mnk Editor @lesleyposso Second editor @txanna.dsgn Colourist @_ntcolour Composer @lonermuaka Sound Designer @mrmilessulliva Still photographer @amaalsaid #claptonlaundry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jTnIOGerFE&t=2s

Creative Directing and Casting 'Born Fruit,' written and directed by Bukky Bakray. 'BornFruit' is a short fashion film about a mourning woman's imagination as she searches for answers to life in her grandmother's legacy: a handbag. The bag contained life, which was continued once it was recovered by the young woman. Having two roles on this project meant I was involved in the entire process from beginning to end: from researching and creating treatments that explained the storyline to street casting the ensemble known as 'The Boys of Summer' to overseeing the set production and aesthetics.

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