BOTTLETOP Brand Collateral

  • Salma Barakat

BOTTLETOP is a sustainable-luxury fashion brand specialising in handbags + accessories made from up-cycled aluminium ringpulls. As in-house designer for 3 years, i worked across digital + print communication within existing guidelines and helped elevate the overall aesthetic. In 2016, BOTTLETOP required a cleaner looking website with seamless navigation, short customer journey + neater product pages. Photography took centre stage with exaggerated close-up product shots to demonstrate the handbags' tactility, which are otherwise lost on a flat screen. Social Media layouts supported BOTTLETOP's digital presence; artist references + in-the-making shots were arranged to coincide with a theme/predetermined colour palette. As a fairly young company, small takeaway print booklets played a large role in educating visitors the brand story; showcasing its several arms, including an artist collaboration and philanthropic foundation.