Bound Project

  • Andi Sapey

I was selected as one of the winners for the single image category and will been in a joint exhibition with the other winners at Seen Fifteen Gallery in London, UK, from 22 April - 22 MAY 2021. The Bound Project Was developed out of the covid 19 crisis in March-June 2020. With all the restrictions, anxiety and stress we had to comply with lock down, dance seem to be a natural and powerful art form to express inner emotion of movement and expression. After the first lockdown there was a window of opportunity to all work together very cautiously in wide open space in Norwich Norfolk. A collaborative work between Dance Direction by Hannah Ashmore of Other Dance Art and Photography Andi Sapey. BOUND-a Photo Essay- “all the ways in which we are bound to now” As two dance artists Brianna Conroy and Ashton Hall explored the restriction of their current space and time we cross the boundaries of photography, performance and installation. The body becomes art in and of itself and in this BOUND moment we create a new visual language as we communicate the emotions of being right here BOUND to now.