Boundless Spirit - A Public Exhibition

  • Cassandra Hannagan
'‘Boundless Spirit’ with Merry Makers Australia. A photo exhibition celebrating International Day of People with Disability.
Celebrate International Day of People with Disability with Sydney's finest dance troupe with a difference - Merry Makers Australia.
The Merry Makers are a dance troupe made up entirely of people with a disability and volunteers. With tireless support, dedication and hard work, this amazing dance troupe stormed their way onto the Joan Sutherland Theatre stage for a triumphant Gala Performance earlier this year.
Follow the Merry Makers’ journey from studious hard work to complete, unfiltered joy and excitement through a series of images by photographer Cassandra Hannagan, that documents their story. A story that did not lie in being hindered by their limitations but in breaking through them to experience a performance at the Sydney Opera House – the dream of dancers the world over.
Bask in their boundless spirit and re-ignite your own!
View the exhibition on the Western Boardwalk from 26th November 2014 - 12th December 2014, to coincide with International Day of People With Disability on 3rd December 2014