Bozi Oko Wellness - Packaging design for a South Bohemian Wellness Hotel

  • Matija Vujovic

Industry Wellness, Cosmetics Market Czech Republic At the wellness hotel Bozi Oko visitors experience a variety of ways to interpret "luxury". At the core of their concept lies a mix of beautiful surroundings and natural materials, making sure that you not only leave with a cleansed body but with a clean soul as well. A crucial part of the branding work we did for Bozi Oko was the packaging design for their natural spa product line, South Bohemian Fusion. We wanted the outsides of the products to emanate every sense of luxury and quality that the content filled up the inside with. Our approach was to combine the silky, soothing effects of the products with the earthly spirituality that usually accompanies the love for natural materials. The outcome both follows and builds the overall brand.