BP Futures – Magic Leap experience

  • Thomas Collins

As one of the world’s largest companies, BP constantly have stories to tell. BP were keen to showcase how they are planning to overcome the ‘Dual Challenge’ of an increasing global energy demand whilst needing to reduce carbon emissions. There were four key stories to be told covering the Future of Transport, Future Oil and Gas, Future Plastic and Renewables. BP wanted to use new technology as a means of engaging an audience and asked for Solarflare Studio’s assistance in doing this.


BP have worked with Solarflare’s team on a number of projects bringing to life their various upstream and downstream stories.
Having worked with virtual reality for a number of projects, BP were keen to explore a different technology to tell their stories in a different way. A key consideration was how we could bring the real world environment into the narrative, as well as giving participants the power to pick and choose the order that viewed the stories in.
Using the Magic Leap mixed reality headsets we were able to tell the four stories in a non-linear manner that lasted 6-8 minutes overall. We introduced interactive and gamified elements that would hold the participant’s attention, whilst also ensuring that key messages were delivered.


The understanding that new technologies can be used to bring messages to life in previously impossible ways ensures that BP continue to be pioneers in using new technologies to bring their messages to life.
The Magic Leap experience is a compelling way to see the groundbreaking ways that BP are using technology to push the world forward in energy production and complements their growing portfolio of virtual reality content.
Following an initial launch in late 2019, the headsets are now being rolled out at events globally whilst content is adapted as BP evolves. The expectation is that the Magic Leap experience will become a key communications tool for BP as they continue to help stakeholders to understand how they intend to tackle the ‘Dual Challenge’.