Brand creation

  • Laura Quinn
  • mahpar farhan

BRIEF A new UK charity supporting young mothers in Sierra Leone needed a user–friendly brand identity that could be implemented across all platforms and materials. DESIGN Working with the team of volunteers, I based the concept on the colourful and bold designs of women’s dresses in Sierra Leone. The logo is drawn from an abstract idea of two young mothers whom the charity is named after — Adama and Aminata. They are intertwined in friendship and community as they support each other through the challenges of being a school–aged mother. I designed a set of graphic elements based on the logo which can be used across all designs. I took the needs of the all volunteer team into consideration when putting the brand together so that it would be user–friendly for non– designers. They have recently painted the logo on the wall of their office in Sierra Leone where the girls and their mentors work together. I also worked as their resident designer for two years, creating all marketing materials.