Branding: Bottle One

  • Mike McCoole

I have been doing my best to help out some local start-ups and small businesses during this pandemic period, around the demands of my busy day job and family life: #LockdownLogos Andy Seach at Barfly UK was one of the first people to trust me with their brands, many moons ago, and today he launched Bottleone- a consultancy service, designed to help start-up and small drinks brands establish their place in the UK market. Andy has extensive experience and already working with some amazing brands who push the boundaries on production, flavour and concept. A massive GOOD LUCK and I look forward to see the Bottle One venture progress and the Bar Fly group grow.

‘This is the second time I have asked Mike to create branding for me and once again he has nailed it. He has interpreted the brief perfectly and come up with a design which really fits my brand concept. I can’t recommend him highly enough.’ – Andy Seach, Founder of Bottle One.