Branding | Napolii

  • Topologies Studio
  • Louise de Cours
  • Thomas Laisney

Claiming their origin in the most distinctive way possible, we have provided the strategy and appeal for these Italian gin producers to conquer the world.

For years, Italian chef Salvatore Bianco has been working to develop his own gin. A gin that perfectly matches the cuisine of his homeland, revealing the contrast between the most refined gastronomic standards and the simplicity of Naples. It was during this development phase that Bianco came to us for a complete branding of his brand.

Aware that the success of a beverage depends on its taste but also on what it inspires, he asked us to work with him on the DNA and fundamentals of his brand. The writing of his brand platform ends with the creation of a name. The gin will have the same name as the distillery for a single-product brand. Together we create Napolii.

The addition of an "i" to the correct spelling of the city's name has a simple function, to catch the eye and encourage memorability. It transcribes the inexhaustible enthusiasm of the Neapolitans and symbolizes the richness of taste of all Italy.

With an immediately evocative name to facilitate identification, and local, national and international appeal, Napolii is the Italian gastronomic gin.

But Napolii is more than a gin, it is an ode to the Neapolitan art of living; an invitation to celebrate a climate, a land and finally an attitude: sharing, generosity, enthusiasm and devotion.

Graphically, we wanted to go to the essential and the most efficient. Like the product, we chose to associate Naples with Italy: green to represent Italy, blue to evoke the Neapolitan soccer team's jerseys.

Added to these elements, the inclination of the two "i" of the logo symbolizing the enthusiasm, is found in all communication supports.

A very sober and elegant result to design a distillery and a sophisticated gin.