Branding NC indie music label

  • Steve Price

North Carolina, London, Japan calling… It started with one of the nicest emails we ever received, from a man who turned out to be every bit the legend, Mr Dolphus Ramseur - owner of independent North Carolinian based record label and artist management company, Ramseur Records. The brief? To create a great website that celebrates the story of Ramseur Records, Dolphus’ love of art, make it simple and easy to use. Oh, and make a great logo that also fits! Since that first email exchange on 11th October 2012, at 17:35 has blossomed an on-going, creative collaboration now in its seventh year. After an initial trip Charlotte, NC we designed a new logo, stationery and website. We gave life to the story behind the label that Dolphus wanted to tell, by commissioning Tokyo-based illustrator Dragon76. We’ve gone on to do much more…

A sketch a day helps your work rest and play

We firmly believe in pencil and paper. Or to be more precise, a mechanical, HB Staedtler pencil and A5 Moleskin plain notebook*. Every single project starts its life as a sketched idea. With a fourteen hour flight back to London, Steve had plenty of time to sketch ideas that became the new music inspired logo for Ramseur.

* Steve’s preferred choice, other pencils, pencil manufacturers and note/sketchbooks are available.
Support Act: smart technology

Spending time with Dolphus in Charlotte (NC), we learned about their biggest challenges, on a day-to-day, week-by-week basis. Challenges that needed to be addressed and a solution provided.

In today’s world, working remotely is becoming more common, but not without its challenges.
As if working across two time-zones, over three states wasn’t enough. The Ramseur team each manage multiple channels of content for multiple artists and bands. Content the team then had to find time to post to the Ramseur website; using a cumbersome, user-unfriendly content-management system. A CMS that wasn’t accessible from their mobile phones. Poor technology, and double-entry inputting equals misery.

We built a simple solution that tackled all of these issues. We made their website work harder for work them, rather than make them work harder.

Any content shared to any of their band/artist website is automatically scraped and posted to the Ramseur website. Using WordPress means the team can access, edit, delete and manage all content on-the-go.
The Ramseur website is responsive and automatically syncronised; reducing double-entry content posting to zero. Providing the Ramseur team more time to do what they love.
Plan-B Studio helped take our little tiny impossible idea and make it grand and very possible. It all came to life with Steve's dedication, passion and thoughtful direction.