Branding | Nue

  • Topologies Studio
  • Louise de Cours
  • Thomas Laisney

In association with Sarah Kaur and her investors, we brought Nue to life. We helped the young cosmetic brand to manifest its positioning and make a statement.

Nue is a cosmetics brand, designed by Sarah Kaur. We met her when she was moving to London with the intention of creating her Digital Native Vertical Brand (DNVB). We thought up and wrote the strategy, designed the name, graphic and visual brand identity, copywriting, packaging design and website design for the launch of her brand.

With a very specific vision of beauty and a thorough knowledge of her market, Sarah introduced us perfectly to the subject, allowing the exchange of expertise that motivates us when we collaborate. We sorted out, prioritised and deepened the brand attributes to develop its platform. During our strategic study, we found that almost all cosmetic brands offered products to conceal imperfections. This confirmed Sarah's findings and gave way to her new perception of beauty. Wishing to oppose the search for unrealistic beauty standards, her cosmetic brand will be positive and constructive. Nue guides the way to serenity and pride.

Sarah is only waiting for cosmetic tests in the UK to be validated before launching her brand Nue. We will share her Instagram account and website link here just after celebrating her official release with her.