Bread Tomorrow - World Vision Romania

  • Carina Toma Toma
  • Madalina Zbant

Some kids only eat letters. This is the line that best summarises the 2 big problems in the rural Romania. Because they are very poor, kids in rural areas don't have what to eat so they abandon school to work in their household. Therefore, they become illiterate. Bread Tomorrow is a project that wants to change that by ensuring kids with at least one normal meal a day. Where? In schools. In order to benefit for that meal, kids have to come to school. Which is a win-win situation. Our campaign came up with the naming, the message (Some kids only eat letters), the TVC, the donation component and some other special projects alongside influencers where the main idea was to literally eat letters from words in order to deliver the message in manner that both attracts donations and makes everyone aware of the problem. Agency: Infinit Solutions Client: World Vision Romania Brand: World Vision Romania Production Company: Studioset Carina Toma: Copywriter Victor Firan: Art Director Marketing Director: Cristina Moșteanu