Breaking into basketball with Reebok

A brand immersion experience and a chance to learn more about the landmark collaboration and educate consumers and VIPs.

Real truth

Immersive pop-ups packed with thoughtful interactions and heritage call outs. Putting Reebok back in Basketball.

The experience was inspired by Reebok’s rich heritage in the Basketball space, and we leant on these deep rooted connections to not only source some vintage sneaker heat to display, but also brought out the very stars the iconic shoes are named after.
Real Connection

Reebok X NBA All Star Weekend

Fans came out in full force to check out the ‘Bok Door’ space, which also featured video game activities, a customization station and more. Delivering high profile brand moments that attract global names.
Real Results

1000+ Brand Giveaways

170,706 Total Reach

250,666 Impressions (and counting)

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