Breathe - Emergency Inhaler

  • Kieran James
From my research, I found that people suffering from asthma has been steadily rising in the UK and the number of people that die from attacks every year hasn't decreased much since the 1980’s. I also found that more than twice as many women die from asthma every year, and its because people just don't carry inhalers. I contacted people with asthma and posted on online health forums to get sufferers first hand accounts of being caught out without an inhaler and how they handled the situation. I got a lot of responses with some truly touching responses, and the main problems that I could identify were that people were embarrassed to be seen with and using and the traditional inhaler and also the design From my insights a small, smart, emergency inhaler, designed be attached to something that you always carry with you such as a set of keys was the best solution. I created a product called Breathe a refillable small inhaler that blends into your lifestyle and is hidden when you don't need it but as soon as you do it is there. It is accompanied by smart phone app that connects to your device and is able to help you through an asthma attack through using breathing rhythms and ways to sit and breathe. It also reminds you when you’ve left with out your inhaler, monitors the air quality and reminds you when your are likely to need it.