Brighton & Hove Museums

Brand creation for a constellation of cultural destinations. The city of Brighton & Hove is famous for many things. Its vibrancy, open mindedness and creative spirit are all legendary. For some, the instantly recognisable domes of the Royal Pavilion – commissioned as a pleasure palace by the Prince Regent in 1787 – best represent this spirited city. The Royal Pavilion is itself part of a family of six venues – five physical and one digital – collectively known as Brighton & Hove Museums. This family includes Brighton Museum & Gallery, Hove Museum of Creativity and the Booth Museum of Natural History. We were commissioned to help name this constellation of cultural destinations and to create a unifying visual identity to help bring them together. Sitting at the heart of the identity is an ampersand logo: a fittingly inclusive, conjoining symbol, especially given that Brighton & Hove is the UK’s only city with an ampersand in its name. We redrew the ampersand, giving it six component parts to represent the six venues within the trust. As part of this open and welcoming brand identity project we designed and built a flexible, accessible new website, created easy-to-use brand guidelines and commissioned award-winning Brighton-based street photographer JJ Waller to capture the spirit of the destinations and the thousands people who enjoy visiting them every day.