Brighton People’s Theatre – Open Up Arts campaign

Making art and culture accessible for the many, not the privileged few. There’s a great quote that sits in the signature at the end of every Brighton People’s Theatre email. The quote is from the late actor, director and producer Richard Attenborough, and it says this: “The arts are not a prerequisite of the privileged few; nor are they the playground of the intelligentsia. The arts are for everyone – and failure to include everyone diminishes us all.” It is this powerful sentiment that sits at the heart of Open Up Arts, a new social report and grassroots campaign from Brighton People’s Theatre. The campaign highlights the fact that not all communities have equal access to creative opportunities, and that the real and powerful benefits of the arts are not felt by everyone. And, crucially, it asks what we can do to change this. We devised the campaign name, identity and communications, working with photographer and filmmaker Rosie Powell to capture the often unspoken creative dreams of Brighton residents.