bringing the 90Z BACK

  • Abolade Akintunde

Website and branding for 90Z BACK

A fresh modern minimalistic vibe for a vintage brand

I was privileged to take up a website and branding project for a vintage fashion brand.
90ZBACK wanted to upscale their business and increase their online presence

The founder approached me to work on a new branding and visual identity for the brand,
we discussed from logo, colors, photography, Website (UI, UX).
A fitting logo for a vintage brand

The arrow facing back also represents the "K"
the logo itself looks like an old vintage music player
Collaborated with an Architect and interior designer to bring the shop to life, using the Logo mark and the branding
A minimal Website

Ux and UI procedures were undertaken before we developed a website in its minimal format
you can visit at

Increased online presence

90Z back following was at 7000 followers which increased to almost 13000 following
We introduced the branding across all tags and labels
Thank you very much