Bris(TO) - Festival Branding

The Brief: To create a visual language and identity for a new design festival in Bristol- celebrating the Arts, and the links that cross over disciplines of Art, music and design.
Solution: Taking direct influence from the History that Bristol created - one that isn't hidden away or 'forgotten' , much like with similar big port cities such as Liverpool. Bristol has always been in the past at the forefront of trends and new cultural influences entering the UK, in the 18th and 19th Century, being one of the most wealthy cities meant that it was able to build a rich art culture, and then in the 20th Century with the post war depression- and the influx of West Indian migrants, a vibrant and colourful influence of Ska music arose. My aim with the visual language created was to replicate this idea, that Bristol itself cannot be just one 'thing', or have a single 'output'. A long history with some of the most well known painters and fine artists in the world- along with Banksy, and a growing underground art culture emerging in the city. Very influential country and folk music originated in Bristol - as well as Reggae and Ska music from the West Indies. Wherever I looked, I found these crossovers. My design was not only to replicate the popular 'LO-FI' aesthetic with younger adults and people interested in Stencil Art or Public work. But to use different papers, colours and typefaces to illustrate how disciplines can all crossover, or possibly communicate the same message
Process: Mixed Media A3, Digitally edited on Photoshop CC 2016

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