British Gas - Across the board branding

Worked on a wide range of printed and digital collateral for British Gas. Had to have an in-depth understanding of their brand guidelines - acting as a brand guru.

Payment and smart meter cards
One of the earliest projects I worked on, was looking at the smart and payment meter cards (used by millions of people across the UK). Task was to refresh the designs, making sure the two types of cards were distinctively different - yet on brand.
Created many digital and printed infographics. Using existing icons/illustrations and creating a few of my own. Here are a couple of examples.
Printed literature
Worked on a variety of printed materials from direct mail, brochures and booklets. Literature was often text heavy with a scattering of infographics and photography. Task was to make sure the information was easy to digest, visually interesting and on brand.
E-mail newsletter
British Gas has a number of sub-brands - one of which is Local Heroes. Was tasked with creating a desktop and mobile newsletter template for the brand.