Bud Light Limited Edition NFL Team Cans

By embracing the unique passion NFL fans feel for their respective teams, we created something truly revolutionary: 69 limited edition Bud Light cans for the football season.

American football fans cheer on their respective teams with passion and diehard commitment, making game day sacred from September to February. This year, Pearlfisher Design joined forces with Bud Light and the NFL to create something for their fans that is truly worth celebrating, two series of limited edition cans.

To commemorate the start of the season, we designed 28 individual team cans to help fans celebrate in loyal style. Inspired by teams’ uniform and iconic equities, the design combines fans’ favorite beer with their passion for their team creating an ultimate game day experience. The diagonal stripe of each team’s signature colour maintains the momentum and dynamism of the sport itself, and is complimented by the emblems that make each team iconic.

On the heels of the team cans, and in honor of Super Bowl 50, we also designed a series of limited edition cans commemorating past Super Bowl winners. “The Trophy Case” celebrates the unique legacy and pride of each team with a design that takes cues from the teams’ respective colour, years and Bowls won.