Business banking. But better.

  • Manon Xhaard
  • Mohammad Ashraf

Mobile-only banking for business customers.

Business banking shouldn’t be complicated, especially if it’s something you do most days. It should be easy, stress-free and straightforward – and that’s exactly what Starling Bank is. A mobile-only bank that can be set up in minutes and is simple to manage if you’re on-the-go, or just about anywhere really.
No more queues, no more three week waits, just a fast and reliable service, as banking should be. As well as getting the basics right, we’ve got lots of other features that’ll make life easier.

Apply in under ten minutes. No monthly fees. Easy to get set up.

Real-time notifications
Manage your cash flow with instant notifications that appear every time money enters or leaves your account, which means less time checking your bank balance, and more time creating the things you love.
Spending Insights
As a freelancer or small business, it’s important to keep tabs on where your money is going. That’s why we’ve created Spending Insights. From food to travel to entertainment, get a clear breakdown of exactly where your business is spending the most.
Goal Getter
Think of Goals as your mobile money box. All you have to do is send the amount you’d like to save over to your Goal and that’s it. You can easily transfer it back to your spending account if you need it – we’ll even send you notifications to help you stay on track.

Apply in minutes.