Cadbury Restage Rebrand 3D Visuals

Accurate packshot visuals are key when designing for new packaging as they can reveal what does and doesn’t work on new formats or in this case new shaped bars.

The bars are modelled in the same way as they would be manufactured, whereby folded and crimped to give the most realistic appearance. Materials are applied in the same way with white backed areas and foils added on separately. Everything builds to give an accurate representation of the real bar before its even seen a production line.
Not only are the bars correct and consistent through the range, but the beauty of 3D means they can be rendered from any angle unlike expensive photography re-shoots. Plus there is no retouching afterwards as the bars are perfect every time.
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Team Credits

Emlyn Davies


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Bomper Studio
Creative production studio | 3D visuals & CGI animation
Emlyn Davies
Executive Creative Director