Cadbury's Creme Egg Camp

  • Jamie Chatz
  • Chris Dorn

After seeing the extent and variation of our work across a number of different sectors on our website, we were contacted by Elvis Communications, Cadbury’s creative partner, to bring their Creme Egg Camp idea to life. The immersive Creme Egg Camp ran for four weeks, welcoming hunters on the search for the limited edition 'White Creme Egg'. The camp was created to look and feel as if it were situated in natural woodland, despite being in the heart of Shoreditch. Having previously transformed Red Market for the Last Days of Shoreditch project, we had significant experience working on the site. While Elvis took the lead on conceptualising the event, we were responsible for all design and artworking plus full project and build management for the site. We installed hundreds of real trees, to ensure the camp felt like a true Forest. In addition to this, we created a canoe installation, maps and wooden signs. Throughout the site we had touches of bespoke electronics, but hidden within the real woodland, amongst the bark, moss and ivy, so it really blended the themes of nature and technology. An example is the Creme Egg shapes mushrooms which glowed between the brand colours of purple, red and yellow and reacted to customers with different colours when they approached. Forest sounds were programmed to react, via motion sensors, to users coming through the site, such as frogs, owls and other white noises. The level of detail on the technical side of the installation really gave the forest a living feel. There was a large slide already in the site, which we wrapped to appear like a giant tree trunk, which had fallen over in the forest. We worked with our carpenters to create a range of Cadburys branded signage to be placed around the camp. The wood used was aged and to make the signs look truly authentic. Using a laser cutter we created Creme Egg coins that could be exchanged for Creme Egg themed foods, such as Creme Egg topped cookies, waffles and toasties created by an Instagram baker, Georgia Green. Themed foods and Creme Egg infused alcoholic beverages could be enjoyed around the campfire: a large, wicker nest with handmade polystyrene and fibreglass eggs and a musician playing rewritten campfire classics, full of eggy wordplay. Stargazers amongst the adventurers were entertained by an egg-shaped moon and Creme Egg constellations projection-mapped in the draped sky, with various moving imagery related to the wider theme. We welcomed over 5,000 explorers to the camp throughout the four weeks and the project went on to win Campaign Awards Best Integrated Marketing Campaign 2018.