Call out for illustrators to design our meeting rooms!

RAPP London are renaming all of their meeting rooms.

We have selected 13 new names, based on 'Inspiring Individuals' e.g. Emmeline Pankhurst & David Attenborough are a couple of names on the shortlist.
The brief is to create 13 illustrations for each of these rooms.
Each illustration would pay homage to the 'Inspiring Individual’ 
For example, the ‘David Attenborough room could have a botanical look & feel. It’s completely open to interpretation and we’re keen for illustrators to push the creative boundaries. As long as there’s a consistent style across all rooms, it looks fun, dynamic, colourful and pays homage to the ‘Inspiring individual’.
We will supply dimensions for each of the walls so you can set up your illustration in proportion. We’d then scan in your work high resolution and create artwork for print. Each illustration would be printed on a vinyl sheet and stuck directly to the wall.
We feel this is a great opportunity for RAPP and you to collaborate. 
Inviting upcoming creative talent to design our spaces taps into our brand purpose of ’Standing up for individuality’. Having your work on a permanent display reinforces this belief. We’d PR this project and it would be great publicity for you and RAPP.

Two of our biggest rooms are ready for a creative touch.

They are:

Room 1:
David Attenborough
Dimensions of wall: We’ll supply asap
Prize: To be confirmed

Room 2:
Emmeline Pankhurst
Dimensions of wall: We’ll supply asap
Prize: To be confirmed

If you’re interested in taking on this project, please send your folio over to - so he can review it with his team.

If you’re the chosen an illustrator, they’ll call you to discuss ideas and see how long you’d need to complete the illustration.