Camp Bestival

  • L'Oyin Ogunbusola
  • Bethany Koby

With a van full of kit, TWSU headed to Lulworth Cove on the south Coast for a weekend fusing technology with the elements at Camp Bestival. We had sun, we had rain, we had wind, but most of all we had fun. Hosted by the science tent, we ran three free workshops every day alongside our friends from Make Things Do Stuff.

Every morning, we made DIY Electro dough, which is accessible by our very youngest makers. We had parallel circuits, series circuits, buttons, buzzers and motion switches happening. We even had glitter in the dough, why not?
Afternoons launched the DIY Electro Masks, a new prototype kit using surface mount LEDs on animal masks that got thoroughly tested by hundreds of young people. It was so popular that our three day supply was depleted in two days.
Evenings were dedicated to the DIY Gamer, with some talented budding coders putting the Arduino through its paces. The youngest participants were able to make an image on the LED matrix, whilst more seasoned coders tried their hands at the LDR and buttons. Impressive stuff.