Campaign Graphics for STEM Education Fundraising Event

  • Robin Perez
The organisers of an fundraising event for STEM education in Houston, Texas, approached me to create a poster design to promote the event; the main part of the event was a concert blending classical and soul music, thus the name – Bach2Soul, therefore, they asked to create a graphic merging the worlds of classical music and soul heritage.
Coming from Cuba, I've seen my fair share about unorthodox cultural mixes, still, I was pretty clueless on soul themes from back in the '70s so I spent some time researching and found inspiring materials; Johann Sebastian Bach, on the other hand, was a piece of cake. Then came the brainstorming sessions of how in the world do I integrate those two? After some sketches, some muse crossed my mind and gave me the idea of drawing Bach with a big afro hairstyle; some hours of pencils, pens, watercolor, and Photoshop editng later and the clients had their graphic and they loved it; several revisions in colours and details ensued until we had the final artwork you see here.
By the way, the Bach2Soul event was a succes and they used my artwork in many marketing materials from posters to tickets to eblasts.