Camper x EFI

Project: Camper x EFI
Briefing: Create a thematic exhibition, in the context of a Camper store, to show the results of the collaboration with EFI. Communicate the values of the brand while involving the viewer.
Concept: Understand the unknown through a new perspective.
Value Proposition: Demonstrate the fast changing African trends concerning creativity, innovation and culture, through artistic installations that play with the visual perspective.
  • Generate new points of view through information
  • Look at the world from another perspective to understand different realities.
  • Demonstrate that Africa is a true pole of innovation.
  • Question stereotypes and clichés.
  • In addition to a rapidly evolving scene, show the emergence of a new generation of creators capable of giving a new interpretation of their continent and develop innovative solutions that characterize the global design of the XXI Century.
1_ Erroneous Perception of Africa
A photomosaic that, when viewed from a distance, looks like a drought image, but as you get closer you realize that it is made up of images of everything positive in Africa. Images of artists, works of art, music, design and technology. This mosaic wants to approach the new image that this continent is communicating: an image of creative wealth, inspiration and joy, an optimistic proposal of the future.
2_Values of the brand Camper
In the second area of the exhibition, thanks to mapping installation the public will be transported, through a visual history, into the brand’s world. Camper values the importance of craftsmanship and the products that are born from it. In addition, the mapping invites us to lose our rhythm of life, according to the philosophy of Camper based on the motto “Do not run, Walk”.
The projection will end up showing to the customer the nal product: the shoes, and the trademark logo.
3_Work together (Camper x E )
The aim of the installation is to show the joint work of Camper along with the African creativity.
The goal is to create a sculpture that bends the mind and plays with perspective to create a optical illusion.
Using the sculpure technique called “anamorphosis” to distort perspectives, viewers must use speci c points of view to understand an installation. The structure, at rst glance seems to be a Camper shoe, however, when moved to a different angle, the structure changes to the map of Africa.
The work is seen as a vehicle for the transportation of information and ideas.
The text of the brand Manifesto suggests a new philosophy of life that challenges stereotypes and contemplates an open look towards the world, cultures and the unknown:
”The greatest thing we can do for ourselves, is to look at life from another perspective, leaving behind the roles that limit us. The reality of things is already there, we only have to broaden our horizons.”
The message will be revealed through the manipulation of wires hanging from the wall and the use of strategic lightning to create an artistic installation of shadows.

Team Credits

Federica Barbano

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