Can digital fashion fix the industry's eco problem? METAL

  • Emma Latham Phillips

For METAL's 43 Issue, "What is Real", I asked whether digital fashion could solve the industry's eco problem. For this article, I spoke to pioneers in the industry, The Fabricant, Digi Gxl, Cameron-James Wilson and Selam X. "What the fashion industry hasn’t considered is the idea that a garment should only exist in the virtual realm. “Before now, digital clothing used to look like a gaming asset, and nobody was excited by it”, Kerry Murphy muses. However, technological advancements mean you can create something that looks photoreal." “In an environment that makes the impossible possible, that wastes nothing but data and exploits nothing but the imagination, the very idea of physicality seems outdated”, Kerry explains to Fashion United. “Here, there is no such thing as factories, supply chains and sample sizes. There are no delivery trucks to wait for, no clothes to launder and no closets to declutter.”