Canada Day

Now this is how to celebrate 150 years of a country. Canadian style!
We were asked by Canada House, London to make the mother of all birthday parties on Trafalgar Square. The day celebrated the countries best traits and supported local Canadian companies in London, as well as bringing together Canadians in London to help them celebrate together.
An early start for some as Lululemon hosted a large scale yoga class was on the square (thick yoga matts were provided for the knees). The doors were then opened and the party really began! Visitors ate and drank Canadian produce including the delicious Maple syrup waffles and the famous Tim Hortens' timbits (which had a 2 hour queue to get!). As they nibbled, guests watched the talented Canadian comedians and music artists played on stage, in front an inflatable hockey ring in the centre of the square with members of the embassy fought out for the trophy.
It was such a great atmosphere to be around! Thousands of spectators came to join the celebration and fully embrace the Canadian positive spirit. Cheers to the next 150 years!