Capela Produçoes

  • Pedro Reis
Capela Produções is a studio in São Paulo located on Estúdio Santa Cecília. Capela is a traditional studio who produce TV, movies, videoclips and special effects.
Capela (chapel in English) has an amazing and friendly working environment, making it very relaxing to work in.  The logo is designed to reflect this with its simplistic and functional design. The use of geometric shapes and bold type treatment is at the core for creating this powerful identity for Capela Produções.
The Halo was used to partially symbolise the name Capela and it complements the bold typography. 12 light rays were added to this halo for a very simple reason. The number 12 is a strong number with a very positive meaning. The first digit: '1' means: 'stay positive' and the second digit: '2' means: 'don't lose faith'. The digits together are a pleasant pair; faithful and strong.
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