Caravaggio Beyond the Canvas - The Immersive Exhibition

  • Martina Margaux Cozzi

Caravaggio Beyond the Canvas is a theatrical, cinematic, immersive, narrative experience into the great artist’s life. Four crucial phases of his life are displayed across four rooms, immersing the visitor into the world, the emotions, the tragedies, and the passion of Caravaggio. 45-minute journey, in which visitors will enter the artist’s world through theatrical reconstruction, narrations, video projections, and sensorial elements. Martina Margaux Cozzi created, directed and coordinated all the visual content of the project. Produced by NSPRD Experience Exhibition with MondoMostre Skirà Director and Content Creator: Martina Margaux Cozzi DOP: Marilyn Clark and Alvise Tedesco Curator and scientific supervisor: Rossella Vodret Scriptwriter: Gabriele Scotti SFX: Dirty Monitor High Speed: 360 FX Table Top Studio Editor: Ru McLeod OST and Sound Design: Gael Rakotondrabe Production Manager: Ghila Valabrega